Tucker’s War

Tucker's War

A brand new western television series created by international award winning director, producer, and screenwriter Stephen Savage. Tucker’s War is an action packed drama set in Southern California in 1920. A time when men returning from the trenches of WWI were trying to get a foothold in a rapidly changing America. Prohibition was now the law of the land, and returning soldiers who had few prospects in life did their best to fit into this new world of automobiles, airplanes, and new laws and restrictions to the wild west lifestyle they had been born into.

Staring Wolfgang Bodison (“A Few Good Men”, “CSI”), Don Swayze (“HBO’s True Blood and Carnivàle”), Angela Daun (“Entourage”, “Tropic Thunder”), Oscar Torre (“The Hangover III”, “CSI: Miami”), Chuti Tiu (“Nashville”, “Rampart”), Julia Voth (“Bitch Slap”, “Package Deal”), and Conor O’Farrell (“Game of Silence”, “HBO’s The Pacific”). And introducing newcomer Stev Silkotch as Tucker Hicks. The series also stars some of the real life cowboys fro California’s Official State Play, “Ramona”. Be sure to catch the official premiere of “Tucker’s War”, opening night January 5th, at the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema. A red carpet event you won’t want to miss.

Tucker’s War World Wide Premiere

Saturday January 7, 2017

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