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What’s Taken So Long?
Many fans have been patiently waiting for the follow up to David Minasian’s highly acclaimed 2010 album Random Acts of Beauty. The good news is it’s finally on its way and ready for pre-order! David has been quite busy during the interim, producing and directing numerous concert and documentary DVDs, as well as a PBS television special for legendary singer, composer, guitarist Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues. He also co-wrote the theme for the film The Wind of Heaven with Hayward and co-produced/co-directed its music video with Trinity Houston. He’s also been involved in the pre-production of Houston's The Wind of Heaven film as well as writing and recording the theme for a new Gerard Butler motion picture. In addition, a trip to Japan yielded yet another concert video for progressive rock artists Camel, David’s ninth such production for the band. But now, his focus is on bringing The Sounds of Dreams to you.

How Does it Compare to Random Acts?
Random Acts of Beauty featured a very special guest appearance by Andrew Latimer of Camel. This new album features not one, not two, but five very special guests, and could include even more before it’s released. The music is in the same style as Random Acts - highlighted by soaring melodies and majestic arrangements with lots of pianos, Mellotrons, harpsichords, flutes, oboes, and fuzzy guitar leads. So if you liked that album you should enjoy this one as well. But keep in mind that these giants of the progressive rock world will be bringing their own influences to the (turn)table.

The album opens with a 10 minute tour-de-force symphonic rock epic, co-written by David Minasian and Justin Hayward, and will include vocals from one of the most endearing singers in the world, Annie Haslam of Renaissance. This is the first time Annie and Justin have collaborated since the late 80s when together they recorded Justin’s song The Angels Cry. A second track will also feature Annie singing a joint composition between her and David, while a third song will feature the magical guitar mastery of Genesis’ Steve Hackett on a new Minasian/Hackett collaboration. The album will feature 8 or so songs in total with more surprises in store. One of the most talented multi-instrumentalists around, Billy Sherwood of Yes, will be adding his superb Squire-like bass to the sessions. And rounding out the rhythm section on drums is Geof O’Keefe, co-founder of the doom-metal pioneers Pentagram. 

Recently, David co-wrote and recorded a prog-oriented theme song (yes, it has ‘tron) for a new film featuring the incredible vocals of Richard Page (Mr. Mister; Ringo’s All Starr Band), the expert keyboards and production skills of Kim Bullard (Crosby, Stills & Nash; the Elton John Band) and the superb guitars of Tim Pierce (you should look him up). It’s unclear if this song will be included on the album at this time, but we’re hoping it will. 

Why Should I Pre-Order?
You should pre-order the album because by doing so you will be helping tremendously. As you can imagine, this is a rather costly venture and we want to do it justice by utilizing the best mixers, engineers and studios. This is the only way David can continue to bring these artists together and create this type of music. Not only that, there are several perks you can get by pre-ordering - such as obtaining an autographed copy, or securing one of the last remaining original vinyls of David 1984 album Tales of Heroes & Lovers - still sealed! There’s only a dozen or so left and once they’re gone, they’re gone! Many of you have been asking about the re-release of Random Acts of Beauty - it’s been out-of-print since ProgRock Records went bankrupt a few years ago. But you’ll be happy to know that you can get a newly remixed and remastered 2018 version of Random Acts that sounds absolutely stunning complete with a bonus track written by David.

Release Date?
Scheduled for October 2018

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The Sound of Dreams & the 2018 Remix of Random Acts of Beauty
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