Kristoff St. John

IIFC’s Newest Advisory Board Member


5 time Emmy Award and multiple NAACP Image Award winning actor and filmmaker Kristoff St. John joins the IIFC family this year as the Newest member of Idyllwild’s prestigious Festival Advisory Board. Kristoff, who’s film “A Man Called God” took Best Documentary honors at the IIFC awards ceremony in 2015, brings to Idyllwild a resume and understanding of independent arts that is unusual for someone with such a high public profile. Together with his father, actor and filmmaker Christopher St. John (who is 2016’s recipient of the Idyllwild Lifetime Merit Award) begin the journey of creating “A Man Called God” while Kristoff was still a boy. And the documentary they have given the world is not only poignant and heart wrenching, but serves as a tribute to one families ability to remain strong in the face of turmoil and tragedy.

St. John’s first major soap role was Adam Marshall on the NBC Daytime Drama “Generations”, the first daytime drama to feature a core African American family from its inception. After Generations was cancelled in 1991, he originated the role of Neil Winters on The Young And The Restless, a role he continues to play. A cast member for 20 years, no African American actor has appeared on Y&R more frequently than St. John. In 1992, he won his first Daytime Emmy Award for that role, as well as going on to win numerous NAACP Image Awards for his work. In 2012 Kristoff served on the grand jury at the Noor Iranian Film Festival in Los Angeles. IIFC is proud and honored to have a man of Kristoff’s talent and integrity on it’s advisory board. An honor we hope will continue for years to come.