Irene Bedard

Irene BedardActress, producer, and indigenous people’s activist Irene Bedard is no stranger to the Idyllwild International Festival Of Cinema. Since its inception in 2010, Ms. Bedard has been a strong supporter and adviser to IIFC, and has at last found enough time in her hectic schedule to take on the task of building and promoting something near and dear to her heart; a brand new program for Idyllwild 2015; the Idyllwild Native Film Studies Program. The Idyllwild NFSP will encompass a variety of Native storytelling mediums, including film, music, and art, beginning with the selection of two native filmmakers for IIFC’s Featured Filmmaker portion of the festival’s schedule. The NFSP is designed to showcase emerging filmmaking talent from both the Native American arts communities, and the artistic communities of indigenous peoples world wide.

Irene’s vast acting resume, and the pride she holds for her Native American heritage, gives her a unique vision into the lives and struggles of native filmmakers and artists, and thus qualifies her as much as anyone to give IIFC the direction it needs awhile moving forward in this new segment of our festival. From “Pocahontas” to “Smoke Signals”, “Into The West” to “Longmire”, Irene brings an actor and filmmaker’s perspective to this brand new venture for IIFC. And we are honored to have her as our captain for this maiden voyage in 2015.