Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema

~The Golden Coyote Paws~
Best Short Film
Jesse and the Fountain of Youth
Steve’s Problem
Best Featurette
Picture Perfect
Best Feature Film
Pretty Rosebud
Best Screenplay Short
Dog Night
Best Screenplay Featurette
Best Screenplay Feature
Pretty Rosebud
Best Documentary
Welcome Nowhere
Best Web Series
Room for Rent
Best Music Video
Best Song: ”Take Me” by NESTA
Best Production: “50 Fingers” by Little Red Lung

The Caine Award for Best Student Film

The Juan Ruiz Anchia Award for Best Cinematography
Feature Film: Abducted
Featurette: La’-Haut
Short: The Black Dahlia Ballet
The Marshall Hawkins Award for Best Original Score Feature or Featurette
Abducted – Nick Phillips
The Casey Abrams Award for Best Soundtrack Feature or Featurette
Incest the Musical
The Mary Austin Awards: For Excellence in Screenwriting by a Woman. Short, Featurette, or Feature
Emily Sandifer
For Excellence in Directing by a Woman. Short, Featurette, Feature, or Documentary
Cassie Jaye
The Faulkner Award (Idyllwild Humanitarian Award)
Pete Holzman and Sue Parker
The Lifetime Merit Trophy
Jim Beaver
Best Actor Short
Short: T.J. Dalrymple in Turncoat
Featurette: Jamison Reeves in Shocking
Feature: Owen Williams in Under the Hollywood Sign
Best Actress Short
Short: Tara in Fade
Featurette: Genna Mc’Cohen in Filandra
Feature: Chuti Tiu in Pretty Rosebud
and Breann Johnson in Red Wing
Best Ensemble Cast Feature or Featurette
The O’Briens
Best Director Short
Fade: Parrish Rahbar
Best Director Featurette
Filandra:Marlene McCohen
Best Director Feature
Pretty Rosebud: Oscar Torre
The Jeff Stone Award for Best Of Festival (Audience Choice)
The O’Briens
Best Child Actor Award
Boy: Wilkins Wallace in Red Wing
Girl: Taylor Roberts in Where the Fireflies Die